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Don’t forget to tell them Nikko sent you.


Afghan Hound Rescue California


Mark Rogers has been incredibly generous with his time and talent. Many of the photos on this website are courtesy of Mark. You can see more of his work at Mark Rogers Photography.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you Mark!


Afghan Hound Rescue



Debbie VanStory is responsible for
some of the pictures of Simon on our
Rescue Afghan Hounds Available Now
page. She generously volunteered to
take pictures of Simon and then just as
generously allowed us to use the same
on this site.

Debbie has two websites you may check
out - the first features mostly shots from
her work in the entertainment industry.

The second includes pet photography
work and may be seen by clicking here.

Debbie is located in Orange County,

Thank you Debbie!



Arabian Horse Oil Painting

Afghan Hound Rescue of California would like to thank wildlife artist, Brandon Bessey  for our logo design. Although Brandon's talents are best reflected in his magnificant oil paintings, when asked, he was kind enough to offer his talents to our cause.

Brandon Bessey grew up with Arabian horses and it was his childhood dream to capture their beauty in his paintings.  The above painting is a true testimonial of his love of the Arabian horse and the wonderful artist that he has become.

Inquiries about Brandon or his work can be sent to:

                          Brandon Bessey
                          P.O. Box 1576
                          Santa Ynez, CA  93460



World Animal Rescue

World Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization operating with the sole purpose of finding compatible homes for all our rescue animals, afer having them evaluated by a veterinarian and treated accordingly.





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