The book "Hutchinson on Sighthounds" taken from "Hutchinson's Dog Encyclo-
pedia" is considered the
ultimate authority on Sight-
hound breeds. This is what it
says about Afghan Hounds:

"The Afghan [Hound] in its
native country is utilized to
guard sheep and cattle, also
for other purposes such as hunting deer and the smaller
wild animals, and it has been known to attack and kill a
leopard and panther. The
hounds usually hunt in couples. Their uses go even further,
which gives an even conception to which the breed is used in India."

"An eyewitness gives the following interesting account of what he saw at a fort in NW India. They are known as Baluchi Hounds and they will have no truck with any stranger. When Retreat sounds, the pack awakes, yawns, pulls itself together, and solemnly marches out to take up positions close to the newly arrived night guard. They appear to be under no leadership, yet as the patrols are told off a couple of dogs attach themselves to each patrol, and they remain with their respective patrols till reveille next morning. Between a deep ditch and the wall of the fort is a narrow path. Throughout the night, this path is patrolled by successive couples of dogs. Immediately one couple has completed the circuit of the walls and arrives back at the main gate, another couple starts out.

When it is remembered that these extraordinary hounds have never had any training whatsoever, that their duties are absolutely self-imposed - for no human being has the slightest control over them - the perfection of their organization and the smoothness with which they carry out their tasks make mere man gasp!"

Truly, from what I know of them they will hunt anything. They know no fear and they are probably the only Sighthound you could reliably trust to have any kind of watchdog tendencies. I certainly wouldn't want to be a burglar entering Afghan [Hound] territory. Some other Sighthounds make good watchdogs but most will simply watch as your stuff gets carted off.





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